Take the Raynaud's QuizThink you may have Raynaud’s phenomenon?  Take the Raynaud’s Quiz! Our quiz is designed to help people recognize Raynaud’s symptoms and seek more information about this widespread but little known medical condition.

The quiz includes questions such as being cold even in warmer seasons, experiencing pain from holding cold objects, color changes in the fingers and toes when exposed to cold or stress, and more.  

An estimated 15 to 30 million or more Americans suffer from Raynaud’s, but only 10% are aware that their pain and discomfort have a medical explanation and seek treatment.  While both men and women suffer from the condition, women are nine times more likely to be affected. Some researchers estimate as many as 20% of all women in their childbearing years have Raynaud’s.

Take the quiz and see if your symptoms suggest consulting with a medical professional.  If you know others who may have Raynaud’s, please encourage them to visit the quiz to see if they should consider exploring related symptoms with their doctor.

For more information about Raynaud’s, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and our guide The Cold Facts on Raynaud’s.  Our site also offers many support resources and product reviews that can help you or those you care about get through the cold times!