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Imagine a portable warming pouch for your hands where you could get instant heat anytime, anywhere – you’ve just visualized the G-Tech Heated Pouch!

We’ve tested muff-type products in the past, and most are adequate at providing a certain level of comfort. But they don’t compare to the speedy heat and grab-on warmth of this product!

I could give you all of the techie explanations on how and why this product quickly generates so much heat: The proprietary G-Tech Heat hand warming Technology system, the advanced fabric technology, the proprietary insulation technology, the hydrophobic, moisture wicking fabric, the long-lasting high-performance batteries, and more – but here’s all you need to know:  Hit the button for really fast heat (which is easily adjustable to three levels), then grab the soft, heated band in the center of the warmer – it’s like an instant hand sauna – your frosted paws will melt in seconds!  For more information, here’s a video demo of the product.

We recently tested the newest version of the G-Tech heated pouch and it’s smaller with a more pliable shape, making it easier to carry and “scrunch” for greater portability.  The lining is much more plush, making it a comfy heated haven for your fingers inside the pouch. While we regret a couple of the lost features from the original version, they did add a separate storage area for carrying your keys, phone or other items, a great addition!

The waist band makes the product portable to take with you wherever you’ll need the warmth – watching a football game, playing a round of golf on a chilly day, or just going for a walk or a hike.  It’s lightweight and easy to spin around the waist or hips when needed.  Or you might just want to sit in front of the TV with your hands inside, it’s very soothing for those days when you just can’t warm up enough around the house!

Go to The Technology to learn more about the science behind the product.  You’ll also find professional athletes praising G-Tech on their site.  Members of the NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA, LPGA, CFL, NCAA, MLB, and the American Military Special Forces say these warmers are a great resource for those who need their hands warm and ready outdoors in extreme conditions.

Update January 2023:

G-Tech recently introduced a Heated Vest and reintroduced their Heated Hoodie.  Both products incorporate the company’s patented “G-TECH HEAT” hand warming technology. Here’s our feedback on their new toasty apparel:

Their new Heated Vest (Women’s and Men’s sizes @ $220) is a multi-purpose garment.  The fabric is thin enough to fit under coats, but is still of excellent quality with a nice silky feel for wearing outdoors alone during transitions between seasons.  The battery is easy to insert and the heat totally surrounds the body with three levels of heat. The big surprise was the heated bars in the pockets – wow!  If worn under another jacket, you unfortunately can’t take advantage of them, but it’s a really nice bonus extra not found in other heated jackets or vests.  In warmer weather, the vest could be used as an outer layer to take advantage of this toasty feature.

We had really frigid temps during my test.  So bad I could only go out in my big, long, thick Canada Goose coat (truly the world’s warmest!).  It’s really great for this kind of weather, but you can’t easily move in the coat as it’s so thick (hence the superior warmth).  For dog walking where I needed more flexibility, I decided to try my shorter Land’s End down jacket layered over G-Tech’s vest and it was a really warm combination.  With a coat over the vest, it helps push the heat even closer to the body so you really feel the warmth!

I found once I got back indoors, I didn’t want to take the vest off so that I could enjoy the heated pockets to warm my cold hands back up.  This vest has become a new mainstay in my dog-walking wardrobe!

G-Tech also recently reintroduced their Heated Hoodies (Women’s and Men’s sizes @ $200) imbedding their toasty technology as a built-in handwarmer right in the front pouch.  The new design differs from the original:  A plus is the thicker, fuzzier lining, but the fit is much larger from the earlier model.  The outer fabric is smooth, allowing the hoodie to easily slide under any jacket or coat for times when you need an extra layer. The pouch now has a zipper, which helps better insulate the heat, but the zipper creates a bit of a “pooch” when closed.  With the zipper open to enjoy the heated bar inside, there is more of a gap.  Pending your shape, it might not be all that flattering.  It’s possible this was more of a sizing issue – the one I tested was just too large for me.  The original hoodies had more of an athletic fit, so you needed to order a couple of sizes up to get enough room to wear them over one or more layers.  The new one is much roomier, and I could have sized down.  But the built-in hand warming function a terrific feature.  Just like the vest, Frosties will be challenged to wear the hoodie as an outer layer outdoors on during the coldest days, but even sitting by the fire or watching TV indoors, the on demand warming feature is habit forming!

G-Tech’s new products do a great job of applying their awesome hand-warming technology to these new apparel items.  Once you try them, you’ll have trouble keeping your hands out of your pockets!

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The G-Tech Heated Pouch comes in several different styles and colors ranging from for $165 to $175.  This is a quality product – the result of years of research and development (we know because we’ve been testing their prototypes) – and offers the level of performance you’d expect to see in high-end heated gloves (but most don’t work this well!).  So the base price is a good value.  But even better news for our members:  As a Sponsor of our organization, G-Tech Apparel is offering our members a 15% discount off everything at www.gtechapparel.comjust provide the promo code Raynauds15 during checkout.

We think once you try this heated pouch, you’ll love it! Stay tuned for more new items from G-tech Apparel – their team is hard at work developing products designed to bring warmth and comfort to Frosties everywhere.

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