HXT Marathon Microwaveable Mittens

HXT Marathon Microwaveable Mittens

For Raynaud’s sufferers seeking the warmth of heated mittens, without the gizmos and recharging required with battery-heated solutions, Heat X-change Technology has created HXT, a microwaveable mitten.


For Raynaud’s sufferers seeking the warmth of heated mittens, without the gizmos and recharging required with battery-heated solutions, Heat X-change Technology has created HXT Marathon Microwaveable Mittens.  Microwave this mitten for 40 seconds and you’ll have warm hands for up to 3 hours!

The secret sauce to these mittens is the combination of the thermal insulation, the extended fleece wrist cuff (which is super soft!), and the patent-pending re-heatable HXT technology behind the microwaveable packs that can be placed in three separate heat chambers within the gloves.  The 150 grams of Thinsulate™ Platinum insulation provides exceptional heat retention.  The long wrist cuff works to trap heat within the glove (no gap between wrist and jacket sleeve).  And the individual heat chambers holding the microwaveable packs help direct heat to wherever you need it most:  on top of the fingers, underneath the fingers, and/or across the back of the hand.  The net result is 90% of the heat is reflected directly to the hand and fingers; whereas, with standard battery-powered gloves and disposable heat packs, we’re told up to 90% of the heat can be lost.

These mittens were first developed specifically for runners (hence the 3M Reflective high-visibility material and bright yellow or pink outer panel), but the manufacturer kept hearing stories about how the mittens were helping runners with Raynaud’s, and realized that the product could be beneficial for all Raynaud’s sufferers, regardless of their outdoor or leisure activities.

A key feature of HXT is “Personal Customization”:  The mittens have three heat chambers and two microwaveable packs, so you need to select two chambers to hold the packs that work best for you.  Most Frosties will find them warmer with the packs on both sides of the fingers (top and bottom), but when trying them in this position, I had virtually little to no dexterity.  It may be a good way to wear them if you’re running or walking outdoors, or attending a football game and have no need to use your hands for a few hours, but it can be quite frustrating if trying to drive, shovel snow or tackle other functions with this combination of chamber positions.

However, once I moved the pack from the bottom of the fingers to the back of the hand, the fingers received less direct heat, but the dexterity improvement was worth it.  Mittens in general lower maneuverability, but we had enough finger control to drive, pick up items and other everyday tasks with the two packs on top of the fingers and the back of the hand. The packs stay in the gloves when heating them in the microwave, so once you have the packs positioned in the chambers to your liking, you need not remove them again.  Just pop the mitts in the microwave for about 40 seconds (maybe up to 50 seconds, pending the power level of your microwave), and they can reach a maximum of 167 degrees, lasting a good 3 hours.  I wore them to the gym, worked out for little over an hour, and found the gloves still toasty when putting them back on before returning outdoors.

For those requiring extended heat beyond the 3-hour duration, disposable heat packs can be used inside the heat chambers when you’re not near a microwave oven.  This combined solution provides up to 10 hours of total warmth.

A couple of caveats:  First, the heat source does not directly reach the thumbs.  Thumbs can benefit from the Thinsulate™ lining, and the heat to the wrist helps to open up the arteries to the full hand, but for those who experience heat loss to the thumbs as a primary issue, this may not be the best solution for you.  Second, for those who have ulcers and calcifications on their fingers that make dexterity – even without gloves or mittens – a challenge, you may find that the extended cuff makes it difficult putting on the second mitten.  One of our testers had this issue, so we just wanted to share the experience.

These may not be the most elegant mittens for everyday wear, but the prospect of an easy to use, quick heat solution, particularly for outdoor sports and extended activities, make them an attractive option for Frosties.  The design includes a built-in nose wipe, an elastic cuff, and a Velcro® strap to further lock in the warmth.  Ultra grip palms assist in activities such as driving, bicycling, and shoveling snow. When you slip your hand into these mittens, they feel like soft, fleecy blankets for your hands – even without the heat!

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HXT’s Marathon Mittens come in three unisex sizes XS (new!), S/M or L/XL for $80, including a handy storage pouch – that’s half the price of a standard battery-heated glove.  Add in the generous 20% discount the manufacturer is providing to our members, and the final price is $64 – a great value for heated mittens!  But wait, there’s more:  Free shipping on top of the discount!  And good news for non-running Frosties:  For those who prefer a more monotone look – the mittens are now available in all black!

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