The Writer’s Glove®

The Writer’s Glove®

Typing in cold weather and air conditioning can be challenging for Raynaud’s sufferers, so we were excited to discover The Writer’s Glove®!


Cold weather and in-door air conditioning in warmer months can be very challenging for Raynaud’s sufferers, and many Frosties have asked us about full-finger gloves to use for office work or other indoor tasks.  Options to date have either been fingerless gloves (which do help some, but not all sufferers), or heated glove liners that offer improved dexterity compared to their thick glove counterparts, but don’t cut it for typing.  So we were really excited to discover The Writer’s Glove®!

The Writer’s Glove® (come in pairs, but the name is singular) was invented by Ben Sobieck, an author, editor and publishing executive who spends a lot of time at his keyboard in Minnesota where the winter temps can be challenging even for those who don’t experience Raynaud’s attacks.  Ben tried several creative solutions to find warmth, including lighting candles near his keyboard, but found he lost a lot of productivity from slowed typing and constant candle refreshes, so he started tinkering with materials and manufacturing partners and after a few prototypes The Writer’s Glove® was born!

The Writer’s Glove design is a thin, stretchy combination of polyester and spandex, with a hint of copper (known to help regulate blood flow and boost circulation).  The gloves offer some great features:

  • Patent-Pending Fingertip Design – lets you “feel” the keys as you type. No seams to get in the way.
  • Warmth Balanced with Second Skin Design – A double layer of fabric on the back of the hand provides extra warmth without sacrificing dexterity.  The result is warm comfort with improved productivity.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility – While designed for indoor use, Frosties might wear them outdoors on milder days to keep frosted paws protected when sending or receiving messages and calls helping to avoid painful attacks.  The touchscreen feature also prevents the need to remove the gloves in use indoors when our mobile devices seek our attention.

Ben contacted the Raynaud’s Association during the spring season, so it was difficult to test the gloves for their warming qualities in the warmer months.  But we decided the product’s improved protection from the cold vs. fingerless gloves was a given – the true test would be whether they deliver on the ability to type well when using them and in understanding any trade-offs involved.

What I experienced initially is that typing with them starts out a bit awkward.  I was aware of the fabric, and it slowed me down with some early typos.  But once I got engaged in what I was typing or browsing, I forget they were on, and it became quite natural wearing them.  However, if I paused to do something else and came back to them, I had to start over getting acclimated to the “touch and feel” again.

One of the first impressions I had was that they were similar in style to some of the heated glove liners I’d tested and wanted to compare the two options for typing ability.  There was no comparison: I can use the heated liners to browse, but not easily to type – these gloves are definitely an improvement.

My conclusion on the test was that the slight initial awkwardness and stop/start over required in acclimating to the gloves is a minor trade-off against their benefit.  As for the issue of warmth, although my fingers didn’t start out feeling cold during the spring test, my hands did get a bit sweaty while using them.  And while not marketed as a liner, I suspect they would do a great job of adding a layer of increased warmth under your favorite gloves or mittens.

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The Writer’s Glove® currently comes in Black in a range of sizes from Small to XLarge for $30.00.  As a proud sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association, the manufacturer is offering our members a 10% discount.  To qualify, simply enter the coupon code RAY10 at checkout.

We think you’ll find the product offers a comfortable solution for those seeking productive computer time without sacrificing warmth on chilly days.

The Writer’s Glove®
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