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Nutrasal Magnesium L-arginine Cream

We became aware of Nutrasal’s Magnesium L-arginine skin cream through a call from the owner of the company, Bruce Perry. He and his family all have Raynaud’s.


We became aware of Nutrasal Magnesium L-arginine skin cream through a call from the owner of the company, Bruce Perry. He and his family all have Raynaud’s, and their “home grown tests” indicated that this cream – through continued usage (not instant warmth) – has the potential over time to minimize the frequency and severity of Raynaud’s attacks.

As stated in the product name, the skin cream has two key ingredients with the potential to help Raynaud’s sufferers. The first is L-arginine, an amino acid that can work as a vasodilator to help blood flow and circulation. Arginine gets converted by the body into nitric oxide, known to help widen blood vessels.

The second, magnesium, which while not clinically endorsed, is a mineral that when taken orally can work similarly to calcium channel blockers – the most commonly prescribed drugs for Raynaud’s sufferers: It helps block calcium which can constrict the blood vessels. Magnesium also dilates blood vessels, making it easier for the heart to pump blood and more effectively transmit nutrients and oxygen through the body.  And similar to L-arginine, magnesium helps increase the body’s production of nitric oxide. We’ve heard anecdotal reports from members who’ve found magnesium effective in reducing attacks when applied topically, and doctors have been prescribing nitric oxide-based creams and gels for Raynaud’s sufferers for many years.

So we were encouraged that this product has excellent potential to benefit the Frostie community, and it was refreshing to speak with a manufacturer who truly understands Raynaud’s from personal experience. Plus, Nutrasal’s products are primarily sold directly through doctor’s offices – adding a level of comfort and credibility. We hear so much about bad reputations and business practices reported on nutritional supplement companies, and often turn them away rather than be associated with their products, but felt good about a relationship with Nutrasal.

Since we first discovered Nutrasal Magnesium L-arginine Cream in the Spring season, it was difficult to give it a true test. I used it two to three times a day religiously for nearly three months – applying it to my left foot, leaving the right foot for a control baseline.  The good news is that I did not experience any major attacks on my feet during that timeframe; the bad news is that I was unable to give the product a viable opportunity to prove its value in reducing my attacks.

However, I did experience an unexpected benefit. I bruise very easily, and bruises can last for a month if I’ve been clumsy enough to generate a significant mark on my skin from one of my bangs, bumps or tumbles. As I was applying the cream to my feet, my big toe had a very large bruise resulting from an awkward Yoga move (don’t ask!), and I noticed immediately that it was starting to get smaller. Within a week it was gone!

Thinking this was perhaps a fluke, a few weeks later I had a very large bruise on my arm after having blood taken at a doctor’s office (the worst I’ve ever experienced!). I only noticed the bruise on the top part of my arm, and decided to try applying the cream, and got the same result – it was gone in about a week. I hadn’t noticed that the bruise continued to the back of my arm because it wasn’t that visible, but it was still there after the other side of it had disappeared. Again, I used the cream and it was gone in a few more days.

During this period, while I may not have been able to give the Magnesium L-arginine Skin Cream a true test for minimizing Raynaud’s attacks, it certainly proved to be effective in having some form of positive circulatory effect. In further research, I learned that the two main ingredients, in fact, do offer healing properties:  Both are used topically to heal wounds, and magnesium is used to treat infected skin ulcers – another potential benefit for sufferers with severe Raynaud’s.

Eager to give the cream another try to determine the product’s effectiveness for Raynaud’s symptoms, I repeated my test once the weather got chillier this past September; however, this time the application was purely focused on my toes – I only used the cream on my right toes, leaving the left ones as my control. By the middle of October, I became aware that there was a noticeable difference:  In the course of one week, I experienced two or three attacks in my left foot that were significantly worse than the cold sensation on my right one, particularly in the toes.  On one occasion, I also noticed the color of my left foot just below the toes was more blue/purple than on my right.  There’s no other explanation except that the cream was helping. Needless to say I immediately starting using the cream on both feet!

In addition to its potential circulatory benefits, the skin cream contains several ingredients that make it an excellent nourishing and moisturizing base, including organic aloe, coconut oil and several essential oils. It’s also fragrance free and contains no artificial preservatives.

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And if you do try the product, please share your feedback!

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