Glove-Spray-Finger ExcerciseJudy in Alabama suggests:  “Wear latex gloves (or non-latex if you are allergic) under regular gloves and it makes a huge difference.”  This is a really simple suggestion to follow if it works!

Barbara in NY shared what’s working for her this season:  “I am doing well in the cold with silk gloves underneath down mittens.  I purchased both at a ski shop. Best my hands have done EVER!!!!”  Great news – thanks for sharing Barbara!

Helen in the UK shared with us her positive experience with magnesium spray:  “In September of last year I started using a magnesium spray on my shoulder to try and help an old injury. About a month later I realized I was having no Raynaud’s episodes and wondered if it was connected so switched to purposefully rubbing it into my hands. Since then I have had virtually NO episodes, except when I went away for 2 weeks and forgot the spray.”

Editor’s Note:  While there’s no clinical evidence on the use of magnesium (or any supplements) documenting its effectiveness for Raynaud’s sufferers, we have seen some encouraging information on the subject.  But this is the first time we’ve heard of using magnesium externally and applying it directly to fingers or toes.

Katelyn in Canada warms her fingers with an exercise her brother-in-law taught her for people who play guitar:  “You stretch out your fingers – then make fists… repeatedly opening and closing the hands….it’s supposed to help strengthen (guitar players’) fingers or something… but I guess it helps me because it brings blood to the fingers.”  Thanks Katelyn.  Could come in handy when we’re having an attack and can’t get to a sink with warm water!

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