Warm Apparel for Raynaud’s Sufferers

Hot Products for Winter 2020

Winter is peak season for us to find new products offering warmth and comfort for people with Raynaud’s. Check out our hot products for Winter 2020

Hot Products for Spring 2019

It’s challenging to discover new products for those living with Raynaud’s in the warmer months, but we did find a couple worth sharing. Here are our hot products for Spring 2019

Hot Products for Fall 2018

It’s that time of year when Raynaud’s sufferers need to think about bundling up for the cold season.  Here are some of our warm product discoveries for fall: New Balance Radiant Heat Bonded Jacket – This jacket incorporates a metallic woven […]

Hot Products for Spring 2018

In our Spring 2018 Hot Products section we’re featuring some interesting new high-tech and more basic product discoveries that may benefit Raynaud’s sufferers: Embr Wave – We first mentioned this product when it was in development under the name Wristify about […]