Winter is peak season for us to find new products offering warmth and comfort for people with Raynaud’s. Here are our hot products for Winter 2020:

Hot Products for Winter 2020

FNDN Heated Apparel – Fellow Frostie Donna sent us a note saying “I work outside and their products have saved me from many attacks.” We checked out FNDN’s web site and found they offer a wide array of heated apparel, including heated gloves, hats, vests, jackets, scarves, socks, sweatshirts, insoles and more – a Frostie’s dream collection!

Even within a category like gloves, they offer a large selection, including snow gloves, wind-resistant gloves, one style called “Daily Gloves” that look pretty stretchy for dexterity, and multiple liners, including one that comes with a mitten cover. One feature we’ve not seen before is that the controls on their products offer a display for battery life, so you can see how much time you have left and choose to switch to back-up batteries if you’re carrying them when needed (Why not, they only cost $10!). The batteries appear pretty slim and lightweight and last 4.5 to 5 hours.

The battery on their heated hats is set into a thick knit band. We’ve tried other heated hats where the battery against the forehead was somewhat painful, but it appears this style’s thick band would minimize this issue. They even offer a heated jacket with built-in heated, screen-sensitive gloves. That’s an incredible combination we’ve not seen before!

Check out all of their heated gear on the FNDN web site. Most products run in the range of $40 to $200, with several styles currently on sale. Some items also come in economy “bundles.” If you try them, please share your feedback. Special thanks to Donna for helping us discover this brand!

Hot Products for Winter 2020

Massaging Foot Of The Bed Warmer – We’ve found lots of heated products at Hammacher Schlemmer over the years, and this one looks promising for Frosties who have cold toe issues at night in bed. It’s made to heat the toes without overheating the rest of the body (not generally an issue for those with Raynaud’s!). For those seeking extra toasty toes, this looks like a great idea. The warmer has a vibrating option to massage the feet while warming them. And if you’re worried about falling asleep before turning it off, there’s an automatic shut-off feature past 30 minutes. It’s electric, so you need a plug, but the 9-foot cord gives you plenty of leeway – just don’t trip over it during the night! On sale now at Hammacher Schlemmer for $49.95.

Hot Products for Winter 2020

Leather Can Sleeve – We found these leather Koozies at The Grommet, and they are quite a step up from the foam and rubber sleeves used by most Frosties to protect their hands from holding a cold can or glass of soda. These insulating sleeves are made from recycled leather in partnership with the Autism Society of North Carolina, and come with a lifetime guarantee, including a “do not fade promise” on the dual-sided designs. So you can protect your paws, provide a working opportunity to those in need and feel secure that these eco-friendly covers will be with you for ever and ever! Available in several designs (Anchor, Fish, Flag, Compass, Guitar and Pine Tree), for $19.95. Also available in pint glass sizes for $24.95, or a set of two rock glass holders for $44.95. Personalized versions are also available. Check them out at The Grommet.

If you try any of the above Hot Products for Winter 2020, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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