Cold Feet

HotHands® Warmers Summer Giveaway Contest

We'd like to know how HotHands® warmers are used by Raynaud's sufferers in the warmer summer months, and are giving away 100 pairs of the brand's hand and toe warmers to Frosties who submit the most creative and unique applications for using their warmers this time of year. Lots of Raynaud's sufferers can't live without a

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Winter Foot Care Tips

Raynaud’s sufferers can find winter very challenging – particularly if you have problems with cold feet.  Gloves come off when you arrive at your destination, but shoes and boots stay with you throughout the day unless you carry spares or store them in your office.  But stylish or not, most Raynaud’s sufferers need to protect their

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Special Half-Price Offer on Volt Heated Slippers

We’ll soon be sharing some exciting news about the next generation Volt heated slippers that will be introduced this fall. For Frosties who want to get a jump on preparing for the upcoming cold season, the manufacturer still has a small supply of the original models in stock, and is making these toasty slippers available