We’d like to know how HotHands® warmers are used by Raynaud’s sufferers in the warmer summer months, and are giving away 100 pairs of the brand’s hand and toe warmers to Frosties who submit the most creative and unique applications for using their warmers this time of year.

Lots of Raynaud’s sufferers can’t live without a spare pair of HotHands® close by in the winter months to avoid Raynaud’s attacks.  And many frozen Frosties know that these easy-to-carry warmers offer great protection from air conditioning in offices, retail stores and restaurants in the summer months, and we’d love to hear how you use them!

To submit your ideas for the HotHands® Giveaway Contest:

  1. Read our Product Review on HotHands® and how these handy packs offer continuous heat for hours whenever, wherever you need it.
  2. For more inspiration, go to the company’s e-commerce web site www.Warmers.com to view their full product line of warming packs, therapy patches, socks and accessories.
  3. Think about all of the different ways you currently experience the cold during summer months in public places and while enjoying summer activities, and how you might use these convenient packs to make your life warmer.
  4. Post your most unusual and fun ideas for using HotHands® on our Facebook page by the deadline Tuesday July 31st.

We’ll be awarding three prizes as follows:

  • First Prize – 25 hand warmers and 25 toe warmers
  • Second Prize – 15 hand warmers and 25 toe warmers
  • Third Prize – 10 hand warmers and 10 toe warmers

Please post your ideas (photos welcome!) on our Facebook page before the deadline July 31, 2018!

Contest Rules and Details:

  • Limit one (1) entry per participant – but you can include as many ideas as you like on your entry!
  • Winners will be selected based on originality at the discretion of the judges (Raynaud’s Association Board and HotHands® team).
  • Raynaud’s Association Board members, Sponsors and their immediate families, and winners of previous contests in the last 90 days are not eligible to win.
  • Deadline for entries is midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, July 31, 2018.
  • Prizes will be awarded within 60 days of announcing the winners.
  • Prize package value is estimated as follows:  First Prize – $70, Second Prize $42, Third Prize $28, plus cost of shipping.
  • No purchase is necessary, and the winner will bear no out-of-pocket costs for receipt of the prizes. However, any taxes associated with the prize are the responsibility of the winner.
  • Winners must supply their postal address and contact information to the Raynaud’s Association and HotHands® for the sole purpose of shipping the prize packages.
  • The winners’ names will be posted on our web site, on our Facebook page and in our newsletter. By entering, participants agree to the publication of their name and entry ideas by the Raynaud’s Association, and entries become the property of the Association.
  • Upon written request, the winners and total number of entries will be provided.

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