HotHands® and Grabber® Warmers

HotHands® and Grabber® Warmers

Looking for a warm solution to tingly or painful hands and toes? HotHands® and Grabber® Warmers give continuous heat to hands, toes and your entire body! Just open the package and expose warmers to the oxygen in the air for hours of warmth whenever you want it.

Several of HotHands® and Grabber® products are small enough to fit in your gloves, mittens or shoes. All warmers are easily portable and can safely be used whenever warmth is needed. Many of our members are familiar with the convenience of the hand warmers, but may not be aware of the brand’s full line of disposable, single-use warming products.

We especially love the toe warmers which are rounded to follow the shape of your foot and have adhesive on the back to stay comfortably in place between your sock and shoe. They are so thin you won’t even know they are there – except for the toasty heat! The product line also includes larger warmers that provide warmth to nearly any part of the body – all wonderful inventions for us Frosties.

Special Discount for Our Members:

Offer Code RAYNAUDS10

Those of us who already use HotHands® and Grabber® products tend to be frequent buyers, so here’s a special offer for our members that could add up to big savings throughout the cold weather months:  As a proud sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association, Kobayashi, parent company of both the HotHands® and Grabber® brands, is offering our members a 10% discount on all regularly priced warmers when purchased from  To qualify, simply enter the coupon code RAYNAUDS10 during checkout.

If you’re trying the warmers for the first time, I hope you’ll share your feedback with us.  Based on our positive experience over a number of years with these brands, we’re happy to “Share the Warmth” and hope you’ll take advantage of the special savings

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  1. My parents bought me 3 boxes of this just for me and it is heaven on earth. I works perfectly and keeps my hands warm while waiting at the bus stop.

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