11 Raynaud’s Tips from Mom of the Year Blog

Mom of the Year blog published a post titled "Smart Hacks for Surviving Raynaud’s Syndrome" - 11 Raynaud's Tips from the perspective of a mother suffering from the condition while raising young children - a demanding time of life on its own, complicated by Raynaud's. The post starts with a description of Raynaud's and a

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Raynaud’s Member Tips – Winter 2018

Several members shared their product recommendations that help get them through the cold times. Valerie shared a device called the BedJet Bed Climate Control System.  It looks like a little vacuum that sits under the bed and connects to a hose that blows warm (or cool) air under the sheets.  Your smart phone acts as

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Check Out These 41 Warm Up Tips!

We found an article published on WarmCool.com (yes, that's really the site name!) titled "41 Warm Up Tips for Home and Work."  As the title suggests, it's full of ideas and information for Raynaud's sufferers. It's an interesting site, but difficult to categorize, as it's part product reviews, part blog and part buying guide (an Amazon

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