Cold Office Survival Tips from Money Magazine

Cold Office TipsWe found an article in the career section of Money Magazine that’s timely for Raynaud’s sufferers titled:  15 Clever Ways to Survive Summer in a Freezing Cold Office.   Cold office tips are welcome this time of year!

Most of the suggestions we’ve seen before, including:  Cashmere cardigans, jackets, space heaters, etc.  Plus recommendations for some of the products offered by our Sponsors, like fingerless gloves (Wristies, Limbkeepers) and hand and toe warmers (HotHands and Grabber)

But here are a few ideas you may not have thought about:

  • Open the window (if you can) – and let in a warm summer breeze…
  • Eat something spicy – maybe add some Tabasco to your lunch fare!
  • Wear wool socks – didn’t know Smartwool made a “hide and seek” no-show sock!

Fortunately layered items are trendy, like lightweight cashmere scarves and wraps, so Frosties can feel fashionable instead of frumpy.

Here’s an alternative to the summer space heater or heating pad – rechargeable hand warmers – either hand-held (Energyflux) or muff-like you can hide under your desk (G-Tech).  And one other item to add to your summer office tool kit – Warm Skin.  Apply it before you’re exposed to the cold and it will add a protective layer against the frigid office temps!

Hope some of the above suggestions work for you.  Here’s the full article in Money Magazine:  15 Clever Ways to Survive Summer in a Freezing Cold Office