We found a Raynaud’s disease video on YouTube created by a site called Osmosis.org and wanted to share it with fellow Frosties.

The approach is very straightforward in its explanations, but does use some medical-related terms that may not be too familiar to viewers.  That’s because Osmosis.com creates their videos as educational tools for medical students.  Isn’t it great that they created a video for med students on Raynaud’s!

Try not to get hung up on terms like Raynaud’s syndrome vs. disease – it’s more important to distinguish between the primary vs. secondary forms.  And while the video suggests that having asymmetrical symptoms could point to an underlying disease associated with secondary Raynaud’s, we’ve encountered many primary sufferers who do not have symptoms in all fingers and/or toes.

There aren’t a lot of hard and fast rules for Raynaud’s.  And you’ll see where the diagnosis is generally done through a description of a patient’s symptoms, such as the color changes and associated triggers.  There’s no formal test to diagnose primary Raynaud’s, only tests to determine if it is secondary to a more serious autoimmune or connective tissue disease.

We love the simplicity of this Raynaud’s video, and hope Raynaud’s sufferers will find it helpful.

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