11 Raynaud's Tips

Mom of the Year blog published a post titled “Smart Hacks for Surviving Raynaud’s Syndrome” – 11 Raynaud’s Tips from the perspective of a mother suffering from the condition while raising young children – a demanding time of life on its own, complicated by Raynaud’s.

The post starts with a description of Raynaud’s and a referral to the Raynaud’s Association’s web site as a useful resource (thanks so much!). The author, only identified by the first name Meredith, then reviews her personal experience with the severe pain she experienced (worse than childbirth and appendicitis – wow, she really has severe Raynaud’s!).

Like most Frosties, Meredith had no idea what was causing the pain in her initial attacks. Eventually she learned techniques and strategies to manage the disease, and shares them in this post. Her tips fall into two categories: Reversing attacks, and preventing attacks. Here’s a summary:

Reversing Raynaud’s Attacks

  • Run Hands Under Warm Water