Life Doctor Post: Advice for Raynaud’s Runners

Running with Raynaud's

The Live, Learn and Love blog published by Miranda Boyd, Life Doctor, titled Running with Raynaud’s gives some good advice to Raynaud’s runners.

She supports outdoor exercise as good for the body and soul, but for Raynaud’s sufferers, it’s not that simple. After describing Raynaud’s and defining the difference between primary and secondary forms of the condition, she offers some useful tips for Frostie runners:

  • Warm up indoors to get the blood circulating before hitting the cold temperatures.
  • Wear lots of removable layers to peel off as you get warmer running, and make sure they will keep your body dry, especially gloves protecting the fingers which are most susceptible to the cold in Raynaud’s attacks (e.g., wool not cotton).
  • Ensure shoes are a proper fit and allow space for warm socks and feet to swell during attacks. Too tight and feet may go numb, making it more difficult to run and to recognize a severe attack that can potentially cause tissue damage.
  • Keep your body’s core warm. During attacks, blood vessels in the extremities shut down and send the blood to the core to protect the body’s vital organs, so keeping the whole body warm – not just fingers and toes – is essential to avoiding attacks.
  • After the workout, remove cold, damp clothes right away before the body starts to cool down to avoid triggering an attack.
  • Finally, know your temperature threshold. If it’s too cold outside to avoid a Raynaud’s attack, stay indoors and hit the treadmill!

Here’s the full article in the Live, Learn and Love blog:
Running with Raynaud’s