Tips for Raynaud’s Sufferers

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Fall 2017

Jacqueline (CA) has had Raynaud’s since childhood.  More recently she developed some additional health issues and cryotherapy treatment was recommended to her.  She tried it and tells us “It was the worst thing I have ever been through in my life. […]

Summer Self-care Ideas for Raynaud’s Sufferers

By Joe Fleming President You may have heard the culturally satiric term “Women’s Winter” make its way around the social platforms last year. This refers to the onslaught of ice cold temperatures which office buildings drop their A/C to […]

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Winter 2017

Jolene (Canada) told us about the  YETI Colster, a stainless steel can and bottle cooler.   She says “It’s the best item for keeping drinks cold and fingers warm. This awesome product has been my best pal this summer, and although a […]

Prevention Magazine Article on Raynaud’s

We found an article on Prevention’s web site that includes information that we contributed in 2009 to a book published by Rodale, Prevention’s parent company, called the Doctor’s Book on Home Remedies. The web article is dated 2014, so it’s good […]

Kiwi Advice on Managing Raynaud’s Symptoms

Well & Good, a publication in New Zealand, published an article in August titled How to Manage the Pain of Raynaud’s Disease.  We’re always glad to see Raynaud’s in the press, and given the fact that this article was published during […]