Well & Good LogoWell & Good, a publication in New Zealand, published an article in August titled How to Manage the Pain of Raynaud’s Disease.  We’re always glad to see Raynaud’s in the press, and given the fact that this article was published during winter in that part of the world, this was very timely content for local Kiwis.

We may not agree with a few of the facts in the article (like how many fingers are likely involved for primary vs. secondary sufferers, which isn’t such a hard and fast rule), but it does a good job on listing coping solutions, so we wanted to share it with fellow Frosties.

Many of the tips will appear obvious for those who live with Raynaud’s day-to-day, but others, such as exercising, reducing caffeine intake, and avoiding beta blocker medications and decongestants are of value.

One other useful point made by the author:  “The key to managing Raynaud’s is to try and avoid any sudden drop in temperature.”  Many sufferers are not aware that a dramatic change in temperature can trigger attacks, and that change can happen in either direction, up or down.  If you’re in a cold air-conditioned building and then walk outside on a hot, humid day – even though you’re exiting the cold to enter warmth – the sudden change can result in a Raynaud’s episode.

Now that it’s November and our Kiwi friends may be experiencing warmer temperatures, Frosties there need to be careful to protect themselves from air conditioning, sea breezes, holding ice cold drinks and other painful triggers that can cause a sudden dramatic shift in our comfort levels.

Here’s the full article in Well & Good:  How to Manage the Pain of Raynaud’s Disease

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