We found an article on Prevention’s web site that includes information that we contributed in 2009 to a book published by Rodale, Prevention’s parent company, called the Doctor’s Book on Home Remedies. The web article is dated 2014, so it’s good to see our efforts recycled!

Two things covered by Prevention that aren’t commonly shared by doctors:

First, the fact that Raynaud’s is a very individual experience – some sufferers have different levels of color changes (not all are the textbook white, blue, red); some feel numbness and tingling while others’ finger’s are painful to the touch.

Second, it reports that Raynaud’s can be a conditioned response, which means that the more you expose yourself to cold and don’t protect yourself, the more frequent and severe attacks can become, but the opposite is also true: The more you do things that help you stay warm and avoid cold and stress, Raynaud’s won’t go away, but attacks can become more manageable over time.

The article includes “26 Toasty Tips to Keep Fingers and Toes Warm” including:

  • Windmilling your arms – to get the circulation moving again down to the fingers
  • Eating a warm meal – to help warm the body’s core
  • Avoid caffeine and cigarettes – both can constrict the blood vessels
  • Dress smart – wear layers and wickable fabrics for insulation and to keep skin dry
  • Use mittens and hats – for increased protection
  • Avoid stress – as it can trigger attacks

We’re also quoted with tips such as using glasses with a stem for cold drinks, keeping a pair of oven gloves handy for grabbing cold foods from the fridge, buying shoes a little larger to accommodate thicker socks and swelling associated with attacks, and trying some of the products featured in our Marketplace section. (A couple mentioned in the article are unfortunately no longer available, sorry!  But we’ve found many additional ones over the years we hope you’ll find useful.)

We were glad to see they included the final quote in the chapter of the book which most Frosties will agree with: “Find a doctor who listens to you. “A lot of doctors just shrug their shoulders and say, ‘Figure out how to stay warm.” Wunderman says, “Raynaud’s is real. Turn the heat up.”

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