Jolene (Canada) told us about the  YETI Colster, a stainless steel can and bottle cooler.   She says “It’s the best item for keeping drinks cold and fingers warm. This awesome product has been my best pal this summer, and although a little pricey, well worth the money.”  The manufacturer says its double wall insulation “means you say adios to damp or frostbitten hands.”  Sounds like a blessing for us Frosties!  Jolene purchased hers at Cabela’s, but you can buy them directly from YETI.  Thanks for sharing Jolene!

Tara (Facebook)  discovered a skin “shielding cream” called Skin MD.  Shielding lotions are moisturizers for dry skin that keep irritants out and natural moisture in.  Tara was at her local pharmacy looking for a new face cream and thought she’d try it.  She used it on her face and hands and says, “My hands haven’t turned white since I started using it.”  The manufacturer’s site says nothing about cold protection, but it’s possible the formula has some of the same ingredients as Warm Skin, which is specifically designed to protect the skin from extreme cold exposure.  Tara wanted to share her experience in hopes the cream will help other Frosties.

Nancy (France)  shared with us her secret for staying warm in a 15th C stone house in France where the central heating “doesn’t cut it” and the fireplaces don’t work.  She wears many clothing layers (ski socks, long undies, and more), but her biggest improvement for increasing her full body temperature, even hands and feet, came from adding a knitted Scandinavian bobble hat with ear flaps.  In her words. “All those old paintings where the people are wearing hats indoors, and when 18th C gentlemen remove their wigs in the privacy of their own homes, they put on a hat, and of course bed caps — they work.  And when occasionally my head feels too warm, I just lift the ear flaps.  A real improvement on my attempts to keep warm in medieval surroundings.”  What a creative solution Nancy!

Emily (UK)  wrote us about several products that she’s found invaluable managing her Raynaud’s under challenging conditions indoors and outside.  Emily is “keen to help others faced with this tough situation and all too aware of the difficulties faced by others with severe Raynaud’s.”  Reading through her list, you get a picture in your mind that resembles Nanook of the North when suited up!  Her suggestions include:

What are your ideas?  What products work for you?  Write to:  Post them in our Discussion Forum.  Or join us on Facebook.

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