This year marks the 25th year of service for the Raynaud’s Association.

It was 25 years ago that we launched as a local self-help organization with a meeting of three Raynaud’s sufferers in our founder’s living room, sharing stories, product tips and just enjoying the feeling that we weren’t alone in this cold, cold world!

This past year, our public service announcements reached over 383 million people, our Raynaud’s Awareness Month press was shared by publications reaching an audience of nearly 90 million readers. Over 315,000 visitors came to our web site in 2016 to learn more about Raynaud’s, and our social media pages reached a combined audience of over 50,000 followers a month.

We’ve come a long way in 25 years, but there’s still a big job to be done in spreading the word:  Of the estimated 15 to 30 million sufferers in the U.S. alone, research shows only 10% are aware that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation and seek treatment.

In addition to our efforts in building awareness , we work with manufacturers to design and test products that can help Raynaud’s sufferers live warmer and more comfortable lives.  We publish and distribute educational materials on Raynaud’s to help newly-diagnosed patients understand their treatment options and lifestyle strategies that can make a difference in their quality of life.

If you’re reading this message, we’ve probably touched your life in some way.  And we thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time for us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary by working together to help spread the warmth. Here’s how:  Ask friends and family to share some love for a cause you care about.

Please help us celebrate this event by getting others to spread the love for our cause.  In honor of our anniversary, set a minimum goal of $250.  If 100 Frosties raise $250 we’ll achieve our $25,000 goal!

If you’re not comfortable recruiting on our behalf, that’s OK.  You can always spread a little love by donating directly at the link below.  Every $25 helps us toward our goal.

We can all use a little more warmth in our lives, so this Valentine’s Day, help us in our mission to spread the word about Raynaud’s year-round!

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