Cold FeetRaynaud’s sufferers can find winter very challenging – particularly if you have problems with cold feet.  Gloves come off when you arrive at your destination, but shoes and boots stay with you throughout the day unless you carry spares or store them in your office.  But stylish or not, most Raynaud’s sufferers need to protect their feet or experience the painful consequences.

We found an article in the U.K. publication Express that quotes podiatrist Lorraine Jones saying, “A lot of people simply don’t wear enough on their feet in winter…Most fashion footwear does not provide adequate protection from the cold.”  She goes on to recommend warm socks, shoes with an encased upper (blocking cold air), a good sole (for insulation against the cold ground), and lambswool insoles (ahhh!).

The article goes on to point out that people with circulatory issues – particularly Raynaud’s and chilblains – are the most senstive to cold feet issues in winter, and provides some tips that may prove useful for Frosties.  Click here for the full article.  And please share with us the winter foot care strategies that work for you!


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