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Raynaud's Phenomenon: More Common Than You Think By Laurie Saloman Quality Health "...understand that Raynaud's disease is far from rare. Estimates are that anywhere from five to 10 percent of people have it, with women nine times more likely to be affected than men. The peak age for diagnosis is between 15 and 30 years

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Dr. Oz Mentions Raynaud’s on TV Show: 12/7/2010

One of our Forum members told us that Dr Oz mentioned Raynaud's on a recent TV show. Here's a link to a recap on his web site: Dr Oz: Hand Warmers, Raynaud’s Disease & Blood Circulation

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Cold Feet Found

Thanks to the positive response from our members, we’ve recruited our test group for these socks.  We’ll be requesting more testers for additional products in the future, so please keep watching the site for new announcements.

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