Winter 2020 Member Tips

Ronni, one of our Board members, shared a recent experience when her doctor’s office had a difficult time getting a read on her blood oxygen level and engineered an inventive solution. Since getting a blood saturation level on patients with Raynaud’s is often a challenge, she agreed to let us share it in our Winter 2020 Member Tips post.

Ronni explained, “The respiratory therapist at my doctor’s office has a little ‘trick’ she discovered for such patients. She uses an earlobe sensor (often used on children), placing it on the fleshy area between thumb and index finger. It worked for me when the usual fingertip sensor wouldn’t register.” 

You can see from the photo where it was attached and how the therapist is getting a reading.  Note:  Ronni is wearing nail polish, which she says can also make it impossible to get a reading from the fingertips.   Many thanks Ronni for contributing this solution to our Winter 2020 Member Tips column!

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