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For years the volunteer team at the Raynaud’s Association has been engaged in an activity we call “celebrity fishing” – looking for a famous person with Raynaud’s. One celebrity who has been on our short list for some time is Diane Keaton. Why? Because you nearly always see her wearing long sleeves and a turtleneck – in both real life and in her films. While we still don’t have confirmation on her Raynaud’s status, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed: Diane Keaton loves turtlenecks, so it’s not our imagination!

The article is titled Diane Keaton’s Turtleneck Style Is Still Worth Copying. It lists a number of her turtleneck pairings from movies you’ll recognize and remember fondly, including Annie Hall (a classic!), Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Interiors, and The First Wives Club. In Something’s Gotta Give, her affection for turtlenecks even enters the dialogue and plays a key role in an intimate love scene. Jack Nicholson asks Keaton “What’s with the turtlenecks?” and she replies “I’m just a turtleneck kind of gal.” Yes even her character in the movie loves turtlenecks!

Much as we wish the article had given us more hope on hinting that Ms. Keaton wears turtlenecks because she’s often cold, it does at least provide a positive view of the style as being fashionable and sexy in a way we never looked at turtlenecks before: They cover you up, but they are clingy and fitted. Fashion stylist Rachel Wang is quoted as saying “It’s forever intriguing because it leaves everything to the imagination.” Who would have thought something that creates such a comfy, warm layer for Frosties could be seen in this light?

The article lists a number of famous actresses who also claimed to love turtlenecks, including Marilyn Monroe (she’d make any clothing choice look sexy!), Sharon Stone, and Jane Fonda. And who could forget Audrey Hepburn’s famous outfit in the movie Funny Face where she dances on tables in a Greenwich Village coffee house wearing a black turtleneck and cigarette pants?

Ms. Keaton even talks about turtlenecks in her 2014 memoir Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty: “Turtlenecks are particularly underrated. Buy one. I dare you. Give one a try. Turtlenecks cushion, shield and insulate a person from harm.” We’d add to that last statement “…and from the cold!”

It might be awhile before we get any new information on celebrities who are closet Frosties, but who knows? Maybe we’ll soon find an article that speaks to the popularity of flannel pajamas as being fashionable and sexy. Not so farfetched after reading how much famous stars love their turtlenecks!

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