New Raynaud's Bracelets

Introducing our new Raynaud’s bracelets! There’s been such a big response to our initial word bracelets, we’ve created some new styles.

Our beautiful Word bracelets are much more stylish than the usual rubbery options offered by other non-profit organizations. These are lovely handmade beaded bracelets created for us by Sarahndipity Jewelry. The bracelets are “stretchy” to fit most any wrist. Available with the word RAYNAUDS or the word FROSTIE in gold. Our popular original style with blue beads and gold accents is still available. The new ones are made with lovely marbled grey and white beads – also available with the words RAYNAUDS or FROSTIE in gold. What a fashionable way to help build awareness for Raynaud’s while supporting our cause!

New Raynaud's Bracelets

We’ve also designed a new Raynaud’s charm bracelet after seeing strong demand for our charm necklaces. These stretchy charm bracelets feature our logo of a Frostie reaching for and finding warmth – providing inspiration to all Raynaud’s sufferers that warmth and comfort are within reach. Bracelets include marble beads in our signature purple tone with antique silver charms, plus a sparkly accent bead for a pop of extra bling.

Why not buy several and wear them together? These new Raynaud’s bracelets not only make a great fashion statement, they will be real conversation starters in helping others gain an awareness and understanding about Raynaud’s.

For more information, here’s our post introducing the original Raynaud’s bracelets: New Raynaud’s Bracelets and Shivers Apparel! And check out our Raynaud’s Store for more great jewelry, apparel and educational materials that help support our cause.

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