We’ve added new Raynaud’s Bracelets and Shivers Apparel in our Raynaud’s Association Store.  The store is designed to offer awareness-building items featuring our logo and our mascot Shivers, along with several educational resources on Raynaud’s.

New Raynaud's Bracelets and Shivers Apparel

Raynaud’s Bracelets Many nonprofits raise money with rubber bracelets. We wanted to offer our supporters a more stylish option, so say hello to our Raynaud’s Word Bracelets.

These are lovely handmade beaded bracelets made for us by Sarahndipity Jewelry. The bracelets are “stretchy” to fit most any wrist. Available with the word RAYNAUDS or the word FROSTIE in gold. Suggest buying both and make a fashion statement while helping to build awareness for Raynaud’s and supporting our cause!

New Raynaud's Bracelets and Shivers Apparel


Brand New Shivers Apparel:  Our new shirts once again feature our lovable mascot Shivers and are based on a hand-painted design created by German artist Nicole Baumann.

We gave Shivers a little attitude this time and hope you’ll show some attitude, too, when you proudly display his message to the world!  Available in long-sleeve t-shirts, crew neck and hoodie sweatshirts.

Keep watching for more store news, as we’re adding a few more products soon in time for holiday gift giving!  While you’re visiting our store, check out our other popular items:



Special Edition Glider Gloves (sold out last season, but we have more now in stock!)

Raynaud’s Charm Necklaces

Rainbow Stainless Straws

Special Edition Heated Wristies®

The Cold Facts on Raynaud’s Guide

Raynaud’s Information Cards

Our “Feeling Blue” Ringtone

Cling Decals

Hand Knit Mascot Shivers

Several Sale Priced Hoodies & T-Shirts

Find our store at this link, or scroll down the left-side tabs on our Facebook page.

Your purchases help defray the costs of our awareness-building activities, member mailings, web site maintenance, and fund the thousands of educational materials distributed each year to sufferers – so please show your support!

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