Blue Toe Mascot - SmallThe support for making this cute Blue-footed Booby the new “spokesbird” for the Raynaud’s Association has been incredible!  Please give a warm welcome our new Mascot: Shivers.

Here’s our original post where we shared our discovery of this adorable creature with blue feet.  We’ve read that their deep blue color plays an important role in the mating game (video) for this breed in attracting females.  It seems to work because this little guy’s blue feet really won over the hearts of many (largely female) sufferers in the Raynaud’s community!  It’s so nice to be able to identify with a beautiful animal from nature instead of ice cubes from the freezer.

We asked our members and social media followers to help us name the little guy, and the response was overwhelming.  We received dozens of suggestions (several are published in this post), but the winner by far was SHIVERS, and we love it, too!

We love the name so much, that we’re using it as our new donation keyword.  You can now text SHIVERS to 44-321 and make a donation directly to the Raynaud’s Association with any major credit card, all totally secure.  Or just click this link.

So please help us bring warmth to Shivers and the millions of Raynaud’s sufferers who need your support.  Text SHIVERS to 44-321 today!

Marcie Stone's Booby Photo - Box2

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