Plea from Your Mascot SHIVERSHi fellow Frosties, this is SHIVERS, the Raynaud’s Association’s official Mascot.  I’m a Blue-footed Booby from the Galapogos Islands, and am really happy to serve as your Spokesbird!

My bright blue feet are supposed to help me win over females, but alas – I’m still a bachelor.  You can see my difficulty winning over females in this video – I’m just not the suave, debonair type.  And the lack of love in my life adds to being cold and miserable.

So here’s a warm heartfelt plea from your mascot SHIVERS:  I’m asking for your help.  You can send me – and the Raynaud’s Association – some real love by donating to the organization.  Every donation helps me and fellow Frosties served by the Association find warmth and comfort, and maybe even a little love – at least we’ll know we’re not alone.

It’s easy to donate:  Just text SHIVERS to 44-321 and make a donation directly to the Raynaud’s Association with any major credit card, all totally secure.  Or just click this link.  Maybe I’m no good at love, but I’d like to think I can help raise money for a good cause.  And every donation will build my confidence, so please donate today!

I’m really lonely here, and would love to hear from you with your comments on my blog posts (look for more in the coming weeks).  Please tell me what you’d like to hear me write about, and I’ll provide more news on my search for love and warmth in the world.

Signing off for now,


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