Results of University of Oklahoma Raynaud’s and Pregnancy Study

Univ of OK College of Medicine LogoLast summer we announced a study being conducted at the University of Oklahoma to learn more about Raynaud’s sufferers’ experiences during pregnancy.  The researchers wanted to determine if patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon have a higher incidence of complications during pregnancy than non-sufferers.

We’ve just received the results of the study, and while the sample size is not large (67 women with Raynaud’s), it does appear as though patients with Raynaud’s experience more difficult pregnancies, particularly in areas of premature births and mean weight of full-term babies.

Here’s a link to an abstract on the study, and here’s a PDF summarizing the research findings.  The researchers plan to publish a paper on the results, so we’ll keep you posted as it becomes available.  They are also interested in exploring Raynaud’s and breastfeeding.  Stay tuned to our site for future recruiting efforts!