Recruiting for Research Study on Association Between Raynaud’s and Pregnancy Complications

Univ of OK College of Medicine LogoThe University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is recruiting Raynaud’s sufferers to participate in a survey regarding their experiences during pregnancy.

The objective of the research is to provide information on the prevalence of pregnancy complications in patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon.

To qualify, participants should meet the following criteria:

  • Female
  • Age 18 years or older
  • English-speaking
  • Diagnosed with Raynaud’s

Learning from the survey will provide better knowledge regarding the potential risks during pregnancy among Raynaud’s sufferers, which may lead to better counseling and improved pre-natal care.

Here’s the link to the survey and more information on the study:

To our knowledge, this is the first study of this kind, so we hope those who can contribute to the learning will offer to share their experiences.