Hot Products for Summer 2014

It’s hard discovering new products for Raynaud’s sufferers in the summer months, but fortunately we had input from a two fellow Frosties and a manufacturer who found us.  So here are three new glove options that may prove helpful when the colder months come:

High Heat Gear GlovesHigh Heat Gear Heated Gloves and Mittens – These thin, stretchy battery-heated gloves and mittens were developed by a former pro football player for people who want to work and play outdoors in the cold Canadian winters without compromising their grip or dexterity.  Made of weather-resistant nylon fabric, you can see how flexible they are from the photo!  The lightweight rechargeable battery has three heat settings and an automatic shutdown feature.  Available in black from High Heat Gear for $125 in sizes XS to XL.

Power-in-Motion Glove LinersPower-in-Motion Heated Glove Liners – Denise in British Columbia discovered these heated glove liners originally designed for cyclists.  They claim their high-amp 12 volt power source makes them the hottest gloves/liners on the market, but we’ve seen others with similar voltage (including those above from High Heat Gear).  The battery tucks away on the cuff, but there’s another option to use them with a “wired-up” system where they connect to a battery in the jacket pocket and can last all day.  Watch the video with the product designer if you want to learn everything you could ever imagine about testing batteries in gloves (warning – it’s over 14 minutes long)!  The thin polyester and spandex material is pretty thin for wearing under other gloves.  Available in black sizes XS to XL from Power in Motion for $169.95 to $219.95, depending on your battery/wiring preference.

 Ceramic GlovesCeramic Gloves – We found these gloves through Leeoria on Pinterest.  They are designed for people with arthritis and poor circulation (that’s us!).  The Welltex fabric, which looks thin and stretchy when mousing over the photo, makes them appear more like liners, not for outdoor use in cold weather.  The fabric is infused with a ceramic powder that they claim reflects your own body heat for a soothing far-infrared thermal warmth that increases blood flow.  Gloves are black, in sizes S to XL from Back on Track for $30.

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to,  post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.