20 Things Only People With Cold Hands Understand

BuzzFeed LogoWe found this list on BuzzFeed and thought it could have been written by a fellow Frostie.  What a response!  It’s one of our most talked about posts on Facebook:  seen by over 9,000 people, generating 263 likes and 217 shares.

We received many comments like:  “So true.”  “The story of my life.”  “I feel like this was written for me.”  Here’s a sampling:

#3. There is no just going ahead and touching someone.  (Unless you want to see someone immediately jump back three feet.)

#10. Shaking someone’s hand and knowing that they think you are a Dementor. (I won’t steal your happiness, but I will steal your body heat.)

# 13. All you want to do is hold hands without the other person thinking they are touching a corpse. (It’s the little things, y’know?)

You get the idea, it’s definitely worth a read:  20 Things Only People With Cold Hands Understand