If you’re on this site, you’ve either been formally diagnosed with Raynaud’s, or are familiar enough with the disorder to have determined you or a friend or loved one likely suffers from this widespread but little known medical condition. Most of us have been through the experience of Raynaud’s discovery – that moment when we learn that it’s not normal to be cold so much of the time, or that to be in pain when others are perfectly comfortable.

It’s that moment when you realize your discomfort has a medical explanation; that what you’ve been living with isn’t normal – and it’s for some of us, a big burden off our shoulders to know it has a name – Raynaud’s.

This video tells the story of how one sufferer came to the realization that her pain associated with exposure to the cold wasn’t the norm.   When you hear her experience, maybe it will spark your own memories of that magic moment in your life.  If so, please share your stories with us!

Editor’s Notes:

  • The speaker in this video may have an autoimmune condition to which her Raynaud’s is associated, but Raynaud’s on its own is NOT an autoimmune disorder.  It can be secondary to a serious autoimmune disease, but Raynaud’s as a condition is not considered autoimmune.
  • Developing strategies to avoid cold and stress can potentially help reduce the severity and/or frequency of attacks in the future. However, to our knowledge, prevention can not impact the incidence of a more serious autoimmune disorder that is the primary ailment to which Raynaud’s may be or become secondary, as the video suggests.


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