This time of year there are fewer products to scout for Frosties, but here are a couple we thought worth noting:

BidetHeated Bidet – We included this one for its entertainment value, as we don’t expect lots of Raynaud’s sufferers to spend up to $1,700 for one of these bath fixtures (although they do start as low as $250).  Bidets have been popular in Europe for years, but have much lower use in the U.S.

A recent article on bidets in the New York Times reviews several models that are attachments to your basic toilet and offer a number of luxury features, including heated seats, warm water for cleaning your bottom, and several other options that sound more like spa services than something you’d buy for everyday bathroom use.

In Japan, the government tracks ownership as a measure of prosperity, and reports that 76% of households own them, so it’s likely only a matter of time before they become a part of our American culture.  Why shouldn’t Frosties be the early adopters for these high-tech devices and start a trend?  Here’s the full article in the Times – let us know if you try one of these bun warmers!


Arthritis Gloves - SIVibrating Arthritis Gloves – Sharper Image offers gloves targeting arthritis sufferers, but as they claim to increase blood circulation and warm the hands, they could offer relief for Raynaud’s sufferers.  Small motors around the finger joints power the vibrating feature.  The gloves are made of cotton (nothing special about the fabric), but they are described as offering mild compression which can help promote circulation.  There’s an anti-slip  grip, and work for about 20 minutes on a full charge, so we assume this is a “use at home” product, not something to provide warmth from the cold outside (as you’d likely have to recharge it for the trip home!).  Available in unisex sizes in Black for $119.99.

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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