University Recruiting for Raynaud’s Research Study

Kansas State University is recruiting Raynaud’s sufferers to participate in a survey correlating lifestyle and nutrition to Raynaud’s symptoms.  Below is a background statement from the researcher who initiated the study, along with a link to the survey:

Kansas State Univ LogoHello fellow Raynaud’s Association members! 

My name is Kourtney Foley and I currently attend Kansas State University. I have been offered the opportunity to conduct research on Raynaud’s phenomenon and the impact lifestyle adaptions, specifically nutrition, have on the severity of symptoms that accompany the condition. 

I became passionate about pursuing research because I suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon. Many of the medications I have been prescribed were not effective and had harsh side effects, resulting in inadequate management of symptoms. The goal of my research project is to add to the limited body of literature investigating the effect of lifestyle on disease symptoms.  

In my research, I stumbled upon the Raynaud’s Association and was excited to see a community working to raise awareness about the disease. Due to the lack of research regarding Raynaud’s, I feel it is important to continue research and increase understanding about Raynaud’s and how to live with it.  

Participation in the study involves the completion of an online survey that takes approximately twenty minutes. The survey will include medical, dietary, and lifestyle questions. Every question provides an option that will allow you to skip or not provide an answer. Upon completion of the survey, the first 100 participants will receive a $5 gift card to 

After the research is complete, the results and conclusion will be posted on the Raynaud’s Association’s blog for your review. The link below will direct you to the survey. 

Thank you for your time! If you have any questions please contact me. 

Kourtney Foley

Update May 29, 2015:  Response has been great – over 500 participants so far!  Here’s a thank you note from Kourtney:  Thank you letter to Raynaud’s Association