New Educational Video

Our mascot Shivers is the star of our new educational video! Shivers is a Blue-footed Booby found in the Galápagos Islands that became our spokesbird six years ago because of his deep blue feet.

We love the fact that the males in this species attract females with their colorful feet as a sign of health and wellness. When we suggested the bird as our mascot we were overwhelmed with positive feedback on having a member of the animal kingdom represent the Raynaud’s community. After requesting input from our members and social media followers, the winning name for our spokesbird was Shivers!

We’ve been looking for ways to use our mascot to help promote awareness of Raynaud’s, and the opportunity for Shivers to star in a new educational video was at the top of the list this year. Shivers proved a natural talent in his starring role, bringing humor and charm to a somewhat academic subject and informative script. Not an easy task!

We hope you’ll enjoy the video and share it with friends, family and anyone in your circle who you’d like to learn more about this widespread but little known medical condition. To send Shivers a little love (what Frostie couldn’t use a warm hug?), text SHIVERS to 44-321 and make a donation directly to the Raynaud’s Association with any major credit card, all totally secure.  Or just click this link.

If you’d like to help us further promote Shivers as our Raynaud’s spokesbird, consider purchasing one of the sweatshirts, hoodies or knit mascots featuring Shivers in our Raynaud’s Store.

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