Raynaud's MascotWhen we found this photo and saw this creature’s blue feet, we thought “Poor little guy may have Raynaud’s!”  Maybe we’ve found our new Raynaud’s mascot?

This is a Blue-footed Booby, a large seabird found around  the warm coastal waters of the eastern Pacific distinguished by their bright blue feet.

Males have brighter blue feet than the females, and the color plays an important role in courting as brighter feet tend to better attract females.  Too bad it doesn’t help us female Frosties attract more guys! (Click here for a video showing the Blue-footed Booby mating dance.)

If we ever decide to select a mascot, this adorable bird would have to be in the running.  So we thought it would be fun to name him.  Got some ideas?  Please share them with us at info@raynauds.org, or add your suggestions in the comment box below this post.  We’ll publish the results.

Editor’s note:  For an update on naming our Raynaud’s mascot, here’s the follow-up post:  Introducing Our New Mascot Shivers!

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