Our Hot Products this month include a couple of our new Associate Sponsors, so we hope you’ll check them out:

travelsockSilver Travel Socks – The 12% silver fabric composition of these socks offers a great solution for Raynaud’s sufferers.  Silver is highly conductive and the silver content helps to reflect body heat and regulate temperature.  So while the socks don’t create external heat, they do help to keep heat in and to even out the temperature across the feet and toes. Plus they are thin enough to fit comfortably inside regular and dress shoes, great for days when you need a thinner option for work, special events or travel.   Order from A&E Orthopaedic Ltd in the UK.  They come in four sizes – from Small to X-Large – for both men and women.  Available in Black.  The price per pair, including shipping to the U.S. is about $31.00; order a two-pack and save $3.00.

Glider GlovesGlider Gloves –  These are lightweight gloves made with silver content, with all the temperature regulation benefits mentioned above for the silver socks, plus one additional key benefit:  As silver is conductive, that means these gloves are great for using touch screen devices, like smartphones, iPads, iPods and other mobile devices – without taking your gloves off and feeling the cold!  The Winter Style gloves are lightweight and flexible, but much thicker than other silver gloves we’ve tried, so they may not work well as a liner, but could surprise you with how they stand up to the cold on a freez