Our Hot Products this month include a couple of our new Associate Sponsors, so we hope you’ll check them out:

travelsockSilver Travel Socks – The 12% silver fabric composition of these socks offers a great solution for Raynaud’s sufferers.  Silver is highly conductive and the silver content helps to reflect body heat and regulate temperature.  So while the socks don’t create external heat, they do help to keep heat in and to even out the temperature across the feet and toes. Plus they are thin enough to fit comfortably inside regular and dress shoes, great for days when you need a thinner option for work, special events or travel.   Order from A&E Orthopaedic Ltd in the UK.  They come in four sizes – from Small to X-Large – for both men and women.  Available in Black.  The price per pair, including shipping to the U.S. is about $31.00; order a two-pack and save $3.00.

Glider GlovesGlider Gloves –  These are lightweight gloves made with silver content, with all the temperature regulation benefits mentioned above for the silver socks, plus one additional key benefit:  As silver is conductive, that means these gloves are great for using touch screen devices, like smartphones, iPads, iPods and other mobile devices – without taking your gloves off and feeling the cold!  The Winter Style gloves are lightweight and flexible, but much thicker than other silver gloves we’ve tried, so they may not work well as a liner, but could surprise you with how they stand up to the cold on a freezing day on their own.  Order from Glider Gloves in sizes Small to X-Large for $29.99.  Available in Black, Grey, Deep Teal, Blue and a rose color called Pholx.

ToastyMugThe ToastyMug –  Kim, one of our readers, scouted this product for us.  It’s a mug with a slot built into the handle that wraps around the cup.  When you insert your hands into the slot, it keeps your hands warm.  Sounds so simple, but we’ve never seen this done before!  In addition to the hand warming benefit, the ergonomic design creates an extra layer of insulation to keep your beverage warm.  The mug is handmade by craftsmen in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, a little town near Florence, Italy, so it is a bit high-end for the price of a mug, but looks like a piece of art offering many multifunctional benefits.  Available in Green from the designer Sabrina Fossi for about $60 (after the exchange rate).  Here’s a link to the blog where Kim first found the mugs – thanks so much Kim!

Bed & Body WarmerAuntieA’s™ Bed & Body® Warmer – Kathy in Washington shared a product she uses every day in winter months to warm her feet and hands – AuntieA’s™ Bed&Body® Warmer.  It’s described as “an all-natural personal heating bag made with grains and spices” that can be used to warm the bed, your feet, or just sore muscles.  Heat the bag in a microwave oven for three to four minutes and it will maintain a temperature of 115°F to 125°F for an hour or more.  The outer cover is made of cozy flannel, and the bag is pliable to snuggle against any body part.  The cover is machine washable and comes in a variety of different colors and patterns.  Order from AuntieA’s Store for $22.95.  Thanks so much Kathy!

(Note:  Kathy was also really glad to find the Silver Travel Socks from our new Sponsor A&E Orthopaedic reviewed on our website:  “I was pleased to find those silver socks – I had a pair back in the 1970’s for skiing and I wore them out!  Never to be found again until today,  Hurray!”)

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