Availability Update: These sold out quickly, but we are once again offering masks in our Raynaud’s Store as a new shipment has arrived!

Masks in Our Raynaud's Store

Thanks to the generous efforts of our Sponsor at Ocoopa (they make those toasty Rechargeable Hand Warmers!), we’re able to offer a large quantity of disposable medical masks in our Raynaud’s Store for our friends in the Raynaud’s community.

The first 500 masks were donated by Ocoopa, and we are making them available at our cost of postage plus handling (repackaging larger boxes of 50 masks). Once this shipment is depleted, we’ll be stocking up with another 1,500 masks Ocoopa is selling to us at their cost. So the speed of your order will determine which group of masks are available and their respective pricing. We’re offering the masks in our Raynaud’s Store in quantities of either 5 or 10 masks per packet.

Made of eco-friendly non-woven fiber fabric, these masks