Coronavirus Message for Raynaud's Sufferers

We’ve been asked to address the risk associated with the Coronavirus for Raynaud’s sufferers – a timely question for Frosties in today’s world. So here’s a Coronavirus message for Raynaud’s sufferers from your friends at the Raynaud’s Association.

Primary Raynaud’s Sufferers

The large majority of Raynaud’s sufferers, over 90%, have the primary form, meaning that there’s no underlying more serious disease involved.

Our Medical Advisory Board tells us that there is no evidence to suggest that people with primary Raynaud’s are at any increased risk of getting COVID-19, nor are they at risk of a worse outcome if infected with the virus than non-Raynaud’s sufferers.

Keep in mind that there’s no specific medical data available to support this conclusion, but it’s the unanimous opinion voiced by the medical experts we consulted. That’s good news (in relative terms) for most people living with Raynaud’s. And since over 80% of those infected with COVID-19 are reported to have mild to moderate symptoms, chances are most Frosties will not experience serious complications.

Secondary Raynaud’s Sufferers

A small percentage (<10% ) of Raynaud’s sufferers have the disorder as a by-product of a more serious autoimmune or connective tissue disease, such as lupus, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis. This category of Raynaud’s can also be caused by exposure to toxins (including chemo treatments) and other medical or occupational factors.

For this category of people with Raynaud’s, it is the primary ailment that can place patients at more significant risk, as their immune systems can already be compromised by their primary disorder. In these cases, patients should be extra careful to practice social isolation, and consult with their medical professionals regarding any treatment options that may interact with other drugs being taken to address their primary medical ailments.

Be Mindful of Stress-Induced Attacks

While the spring weather is now helping those living with Raynaud’s avoid cold temperature exposure, keep in mind attacks can also be triggered by stress, and there’s lots to be stressed about today, including our health, the health of our families, and our financial wellness.

We know it’s hard, but try to identify strategies that will help you manage the increased stress we’re all experiencing in these challenging times. Here are a few items we’ve published that offer some suggestions.

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Our followers on Facebook have also shared the creative ways they’ve been dealing with stress and using their time at home. These tips might spark some ideas for you, too!

We hope this Coronavirus Message for Raynaud’s sufferers is helpful. If you have specific questions about your symptoms, please contact your medical professional. We want all Frosties to stay warm and safe!

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