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Cocoa-Loving Frosties Wanted

We’ve published articles in the past about how flavanols found in dark chocolate and cocoa powder have the potential to boost circulation, relax blood vessels and reduce stress. More recently we were approached by a company producing all-natural chocolate products with high concentrations of flavanols interested in researching how their cocoa powder might be of benefit to those living with Raynaud’s: So we’re announcing: Cocoa-loving Frosties wanted to help us evaluate the potential benefits of cocoa flavanols specifically for Raynaud’s sufferers.

Cocoa flavanols in limited studies have shown the potential to increase the elasticity of arteries and blood vessels, thus enhancing circulation. Unfortunately to date there is limited data on how flavanols might benefit Raynaud’s sufferers, so we’ll appreciate your help with this study.

The company is FlavaNaturals® and the product is FlavaMix® unsweetened cocoa powder. We’re looking for 35 participants (U.S. residents only) to consume FlavaMix everyday for 4 weeks and complete a simple questionnaire at the end of this period. If you’re interested, please send the following information to life@flavanaturals.com:

  • Full name
  • Postal address (for shipping the product)
  • Email address (for sending the survey link)
  • Phone number (in case there are any shipping issues)

The first 35 responders supplying all of the above complete information will be selected. Any non-U.S. volunteers or those with incomplete information will be disqualified, sorry! As we’re expecting a large response (who doesn’t want free chocolate!), only the selected participants will be contacted.

If you’d like to make a tasty contribution to the Raynaud’s community, please send the above requested contact information to life@flavanaturals.com and help us determine if there’s a chance that cocoa powder and dark chocolate high in flavanols could be a healthy addition to Frostie diets!

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