Ways to Relieve Stress

By Joe Fleming

Stress plays an important role in triggering unwanted symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Why? Well, when you feel stressed out and experience strong emotions, your blood vessels naturally constrict in your body.

Because people with Raynaud’s have over-reactive blood vessels that spasm and narrow to a point of cutting off blood flow, emotional triggers like stress can lead to an attack. Stress also encourages behaviors which can increase risk of Raynaud’s attacks, like smoking cigarettes.

If you’re looking for proven ways to relax, de-stress, and hopefully prevent a Raynaud’s attack, don’t miss these eight science-backed ideas on ways to relieve stress:


Not only does a massage help your body and mind relax, but hand massage in particular has been shown to aid Raynaud’s symptoms. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute shares that a massage of joints and muscles in the hand can stimulate blood circulation to those extremities which may assist your response to an attack. Massage, especially back and neck mass