Editor’s Note:  We asked our official new mascot to share a blog post, so here’s an update from SHIVERS, our Blue-footed Booby spokesbird.

Update from SHIVERSHello fellow Frosties.  I recently posted a plea to help me in my quest to find warmth, comfort and maybe even a little love, but alas, no one – absolutely no one – has yet shown they care :(

So I’m still lonely, and still looking for love, and still cold and miserable.  Why do I find myself drawn to all the wrong females?  Last week, I was tempted to hook up with Elsa from Frozen.  Guess that would be a bad match for someone with blue feet, you agree?

As you can see, I really need some help and guidance with this dating and mating process.  I’m just not a natural party animal or loverbird.  So PLEASE help me – and the Raynaud’s Association – by sending some real love and showing your support for me and all Raynaud’s sufferers seeking warmth and comfort in in their lives.

Just a small donation can go a long way if we can win the support of lots of followers.  If you think I’m cute (really?) and want to help me and other Frosties on the path to warmth, please show a little love for us all (and me in particular!).  Just text SHIVERS to 44-321 (the short code is named after me!) and make a donation directly to the Raynaud’s Association with any major credit card, all totally secure.  Or just click this link.

Please don’t let me go down the wrong path to love and warmth.  Show you care and donate today.  Uh oh, I think I hear Elsa calling…

Your Blue-footed Mascot,


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