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Volt® Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers

We tested Volt® Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers when they first came on the market, and it was love at first sight and burst of warmth!

Update:  Volt’s Gen V and Lava Boot Slippers are currently sold out (because cold toes love them!).  But their slip-on Camp Heated Slippers are still in stock.  Give then a try, your cold toes will thank you! 


We tested Volt® Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers when they first came on the market several years back and it was love at first sight with a burst of warmth!

There’s a great story behind the product.  The inventor created these slippers for his mother who suffered from both Raynaud’s and peripheral neuropathy and found it difficult to keep her feet warm.  Her home grown solution was to sandwich her feet between two heating pads.  Then her diligent son, who was already working in the heated clothing industry, decided to take action and find a more practical solution – and Volt® slippers were born!

Volt® Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers are a great option for Frosties for two reasons:  First, they are powered by a rechargeable battery, so they are always “ready” as long as the batteries are pre-charged.  Second, these booties are made for walking!  Ever try walking in those microwavable slippers made with heatable rice packs with uneven bottoms, forget it.  These slippers are not only comfortable for walking indoors, they can also be worn for quick trips outside (like taking out the trash or grabbing the mail).  So you don’t have to slip out of your comfy warmth for these quick tasks, just step out in your heated slippers and face the cold with a smile!

We recently tested the newest Generation V slippers.  As with their previous models, the slippers are designed more like booties, covering the ankle (great for us Frosties!).  By themselves – without the external heat source – these slippers offer a good amount of warmth to keep toes comfy and toasty on their own.  Features include 600g of insulation, a heat-retaining outer shell, plus their plush fleece lining.  The combination of fabrics all work together to trap the body’s own natural heat inside while helping to block out the cold from the outside.

Like the more recent Gen IV model, the newest Generation V slippers have a zipper from the top opening down to the sole, plus a nylon pull tab on the back of the slipper that make them easy to slip on and off.  The team at Volt® did, however, change the design on the Gen V model to deliver a roomier fit.  I personally preferred the more fitted design of earlier versions, but the feedback Volt® is receiving from buyers tells them the majority of people prefer the roomier interior of the bootie.

The materials used were handpicked for both comfort and durability.  As on earlier models, the outer fabric is a lightweight coated nylon shell that is pre-treated for weather protection.  There’s a comfy memory foam cushioned footbed over a non-slip rubber outer sole which makes them outdoor safe.  And the soles are a bit sturdier than those on earlier generations of the slippers for more stability.

Two technical improvements on the newer model:  First, Volt’s patented Zero Layer® Heat System now offers a range of heat levels (Low/Medium/High) that offer more flexibility in the level of warmth delivered by these toasty booties – not an option on the original version.  Second, you can access the heat levels by either punching the one touch controller switch built into the front of the boots.  Or, you can pair them to your phone with a Bluetooth connection so that you can change the heat level without bending.  Personally, I find it easier to just reach down and punch a button than to pick up my phone, login to an app and find the right screen for an adjustment, but know there are those who prefer the high-tech connection, or just can’t touch their toes and need the phone assist.  Both options are an improvement over having to punch a button on the batteries inserted in the slipper pocket (as required on the original model) to access the on/off switch, and it’s terrific being able to adjust the temperature output for optimal comfort.

Because of the greater range of heat for the Gen V model, the batteries are a bit larger.  Plus the connector is different for the new slippers – it’s a USB connector which takes up more space than the older pin.  While it offers the ability to charge the batteries using a standard USB plug, the cable wire for the battery is longer and pretty stiff when it arrives in the package.  The combination of a larger battery, longer wire and more space taken up by the connector made it more difficult to initially insert the batteries into the side slipper pockets.  As the wire gets more pliable over time, it gets easier.  It’s still not the quick fit of the earlier model, but there are always trade-offs, and this is one of them.

The heat lasts for 3 to 7 hours per charge, depending on the settings, and Volt’s Zero Layer® Heat System covers the tip of the toes back to the beginning of the heel, so the entire foot receives the welcome warmth!

For those who prefer the slimmer fit of Volt’s earlier model slippers, good news:  The brand’s new Lava Boot may be your new favorite! It’s a combination of the features from both the older and newer Gen V models.

Lava Boots share all of the technological advances of the Gen V heated slippers (Zero Layer® Heat System, plus the easy-access controller switch and Bluetooth phone app options).  But the fit is slimmer, more akin to Volt’s earlier slippers.  And with thinner batteries attached to smaller pin connectors and shorter wires, they fit easily into the pockets first try!  While the soles are not quite as thick as on the Gen V’s, they are an upgrade from previous models with a sturdy grip rubber outsole, plus feature a side-zip for easy on/off more like the newer Gen V design.

I was surprised at how warm these boots got so quickly – I had them on medium and needed to turn them down after about 20 minutes.  The heat time on the Lava Boots really lives up to the product’s name – these toasty slippers can heat from 7 to 14 hours!  I had to go back and review the literature and saw that the Lava Boot batteries – while slimmer – are 8 volts, while the batteries in the Gen V model are 5 volts.  But both provide enough hours of heavenly heat that I wouldn’t let the run time be the deciding factor on which to purchase.  Your fit preference should likely to be the driving feature.

Update February 2023:  Camp Heated Slippers

While the toasty models described above are sold out for the season, Volt still has it’s Camp Heated Slippers in stock.  This is a slip-on style with the same patented Zero Layer® Heat System found in the Gen V and Lava Boot slippers described above.

Camp Slippers resemble a cross between a loafer and a moccasin, a very comfy combination.  We had the opportunity to try the slippers and were impressed with their design.  The material is super soft leather with a nice cushy feeling inside.  Their durable but lightweight rubber outer sole can be used for both indoor and outdoor light-duty activity – so you can wear them to fetch the paper or take a quick stroll around the property with Fido and be well supported.

Like the Gen V model, Camp Slippers offer 3 to 7 hours of heavenly heat.  In addition to being beautifully made, they offer considerable warmth on the toes which is a key feature for us Frosties.

These slippers offer a convenient step-in alternative to the boot-like designs of Volt’s other heated slippers.  They are easy to to regulate and control, just bend down and punch a button to switch between the 3 heat levels, or use the handy remote.

A few observations to point out on these slippers:  The slim design of the front pockets that holds the batteries makes it a bit difficult to insert them.  And the slippers are so lovely on their own, I hated to see the bulges from the battery wires, but that’s one downside to their yummy soft leather.  While the controls are easily accessible and offer a convenient remote option, there’s no color coding on the heating level, so you have to remember how many times you’ve punched the controls to know if you’re approaching high, medium or low heat.

On the unisex sizing, the smallest offered is the equivalent to a women’s size 7-7.5, a bit large for my 6.5 size feet, but I was still able to enjoy the toasty heat and admire their handsome construction.  So give Volt’s Camp Slippers a try.  Your cold toes will thank you!  Plus, take advantage of our member discount below for a great deal!

Special Offer for Raynaud’s Members

Members Receive a 20% Discount
Use Discount Code: Volt20off

Volt® Indoor/Outdoor Gen V slippers sell for $149.95 and the Lava Boot slippers with the longer run time sell for $199.95. Both slippers come in unisex sizes (with more delineation for the slimmer Lava Boots) in basic Black.  Remember these are rechargeable batteries, so they are a good value.  And our members can save even more because the manufacturer is offering Raynaud’s members a 20% discount!  Just add the product to the shopping cart, go to the 1st page of the checkout process and enter Volt20off in the discount code box on the right-hand side.  Click the apply button and you will see the discount applied to the total before you move on to the next step in the checkout process.  Or just use this link and the discount will be applied automatically:  https://voltheat.com/discount/Volt20off

The manufacturer has also expanded their product line to include some really great new products for us Frosties, including gloves, jackets and vests – plus a heated scarf we found provided excellent warmth on a cold New Hampshire day!

The discount code applies to any Volt® products found on www.voltheat.com  – so check out all of their solutions for cold toes, frozen fingers and more!

Volt® Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers

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