Volt™ Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers

We tested Volt™ Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers when they first came on the market and it was love at first sight and burst of warmth!


We tested Volt™ Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers when they first came on the market several years back and it was love at first sight with a burst of warmth!

There’s a great story behind the product.  The inventor created these slippers for his mother who suffered from both Raynaud’s and peripheral neuropathy and found it difficult to keep her feet warm.  Her home grown solution was to sandwich her feet between two heating pads.  Her diligent son, who was already working in the heated clothing industry, decided to take action and find a more practical solution – and Volt™ slippers were born!

Volt Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers are a great option for Frosties for two reasons:  First, they are powered by a rechargeable battery, so they are always “ready” as long as the batteries are pre-charged.  Second, these booties are made for walking!  Ever try walking in those microwavable slippers made with heatable rice packs, forget it.  Second, these slippers are not only comfortable for walking indoors, they can also be worn for quick trips outside (like taking out the trash or grabbing the mail).  So you don’t have to slip out of your comfy warmth for these quick tasks, just step out in your heated slippers and face the cold with a smile!

The slippers are designed more like booties, covering the ankle (great for us Frosties!).  The fabric is a lightweight coated nylon shell.  While not totally waterproof, they are water resistant for wet weather protection.  There’s a comfy memory foam cushioned footbed over a non-slip rubber outer sole which makes them outdoor safe.  The fleece lining with Thinsulate™ insulation adds to the toasty warmth.  And the newest Generation 4 slippers have a zipper from the top opening down to the sole, plus a nylon pull tab on the back of the slipper – both new features that make them even easier to slip on and off.

The batteries fit neatly in a small pocket on the slippers.  They are lightweight and fairly flat rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that employ the same heating technology used for the heated seats we can’t live without.  The heat lasts for 3 to 7 hours per charge, depending on the settings (Low/Medium/High), and the heating system covers the tip of the toes back through to the heel, so the entire foot receives the welcome warmth!  But wait, there’s more:  The slippers come with a wireless remote control so it’s easy to adjust the temperature output for optimal comfort.

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Volt™ Indoor/Outdoor Gen 4 slippers come in unisex sizes S to 3XL in both Black and a fun Purple for $149.95.  Remember these are rechargeable batteries, so they are a good value.  And our members can save even more because the manufacturer is offering Raynaud’s members a 20% discount!  Just add the product to the shopping cart, go to the 1st page of the checkout process and enter Volt20off in the discount code box on the right-hand side.  Click the apply button and you will see the discount applied to the total before you move on to the next step in the checkout process.  Or just use this link and the discount will be applied automatically:  https://voltheat.com/discount/Volt20off

The manufacturer has also expanded their product line to include some really great new products for us Frosties, including gloves, jackets and vests – plus a heated scarf we found provided excellent warmth on a cold New Hampshire day!

The discount code applies to any Volt products found on www.voltheat.com  – so check out all of their solutions for cold toes, frozen fingers and more!

Volt™ Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers

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