HEATJAC Hot Liners

HEATJAC Hot Liners

HEATJAC’S HOT LINER vest is specifically designed to fit easily under any coat in your wardrobe and surround your core with heavenly heat!


We’ve tried several heated apparel items over the years, and many are well made and do a good job of keeping Frosties warm.  But when you make an investment in a piece of heated apparel, particularly in a jacket, you may find the item doesn’t go with every outfit, or isn’t long enough for the coldest days, or doesn’t pack well for traveling, and you’d rather select another coat for the occasion.  HEATJAC Hot Liners address this issue.

Their patented HOT LINER vest is specifically designed to fit easily under any coat in your wardrobe.  The warmth comes from two sources:  First, the vest lining is constructed with Heat Reflective Material that reflects 95% of radiant (body) heat.  Second, there are six inner mesh pockets – four are for holding extra-large air-activated warmers.  (Use the other two pockets for keys, phones, wallets, etc.).

HEATJAC was originally designed for medical personnel working in cold environments to wear under scrub warm-up jackets and surgical gowns.  Frosties who’ve spent any time in hospital emergency rooms or surgical areas know how challenging these environments can be for anyone with a low tolerance for cold temperatures, so these are great credentials!

Turns out the daughter of the inventor, Mark Silverberg, DDS, MD, Board Certified Anesthesiologist, is a Raynaud’s sufferer.  So, he has not only personally experienced the issue of dealing with cold operating room temperatures, he’s watched his daughter deal with the challen