We’re working to build awareness for Raynaud’s.  As part of the effort, we’ve just published a new Raynaud’s Awareness Campaign video to educate sufferers that their pain and discomfort have a medical explanation, and encourage them to speak with their doctor and seek treatment.

The video features our guide:  The Cold Facts on Raynaud’s (and strategies for a warmer life).  Public service announcements are also part of the campaign and can be viewed on our post titled 2015 Raynaud’s Awareness Campaign.

If we can raise more funds, we’ll add a digital media plan and blogger outreach.  Please help us spread the word!  Share the link to the video, and donate a contribution towards the cost of the campaign.  We need to reach millions of Frosties!

Editor’s note:  We edited the captions on this Raynaud’s Awareness Campaign video – they are true to the script.  So if you are hearing impaired, please try them!