Warm Hugs for UGGs Campaign ((()))

UGG LogoLove UGGs?  We do, too!  And Because the UGG brand is synonymous with warmth and comfort to many Raynaud’s sufferers, we’d like for UGG to become a Corporate Sponsor and support the Raynaud’s community – but we need your help!

We sent a letter to the company president, and received no response.  We wanted to send a message to their team on Facebook, but the brand has disabled the message function.

So we’re launching a social media campaign to bring Raynaud’s to their attention and win their support for our cause.  Here’s how you can play an important role in our Warm Hugs for UGG’s campaign:

  • Go to the official UGG Facebook page.  “Like” the brand, then post a message telling them that you’re a Raynaud’s sufferer, and how their products have helped you get through the cold times.  Add a warm hug with the symbols ((())) – a typographical hug.
  • Tweet about UGG’s warming benefits for Raynaud’s sufferers and copy UGG’s Twitter handle: @UGGaustralia.  Again, please add a warm hug:  ((()))
  • Pin photos of UGG products on your Pinterest pages with notes about how they help overcome a bad Raynaud’s day.  (Lots of photos here!  http://www.pinterest.com/uggaustralia/).  Once again, add a warm hug ((())).

We want to own the phrase “Warm Hugs for UGGs” with the ((())) symbol.  By including this phrase and symbol, your voice will be identified with our cause.  Together we can work to make our cause heard by the company.

I’m sure you’ll have lots of additional ideas, so please share them with us and fellow Frosties.  We want to make sure UGG gets the message from the Raynaud’s community:  Raynaud’s sufferers have supported UGG for years; it’s time for UGG to help support Raynaud’s.