Raynaud’s Warrior Conquers the Inca Trail

Kim Davies - Inca Trail PictureWe were inspired by Kim Davies’ blog post describing her four-day mountain trek to Machu Picchu.

While her story may not motivate you to plan such a challenging expedition, most Raynaud’s sufferers can benefit from her packing tips and strategies for staying warm along the way, plus lessons learned in letting other trekkers slow her down…

Her star product recommendation is Baffin’s down-filled booties that helped her frozen toes get through the cold nights!

Kim has volunteered to share her gear reviews with us in another post.  Even if you’re not planning a summit adventure, her views on the best products for staying warm and dry through cold, wet, and windy conditions should be useful for less adventurous Frosties!

Here’s the link to Kimmee’s post:  Conquering the Inca Trail with Raynaud’s Disease