Beach Towel on WindshieldRaynaud’s sufferers know how painful it can be to scrape ice and snow off the windshield on cold winter days.  Here’s a tip we found on Facebook that may provide a creative solution:

Put a beach towel over your windshield and close the doors to hold it in place.  Then lift the wiper blades and put socks on them.  In the morning instead of scraping, you uncover your windshield and wiper blades and you’re ready to go!

And don’t forget to bring a bag for stowing the snowy towel and frozen socks.  You want to minimize your contact with these cold helpers!

One caveat:  The beach towel isn’t foolproof.  Freezing rain could freeze the towel right to your windshield, so watch the forecast.

For more tips, here’s an article suggesting the beach towel technique and other strategies in an interview on with a staff member at Safelite Auto Glass in York, PA.


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